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SmackDown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon kicked off the show and announced that in four weeks, SmackDown LIVE would have its next pay-per-view event, Elimination Chamber, which would be headlined by a WWE Championship match in the unforgiving structure.

This instantly drew the ire of WWE Champion AJ Styles, who was incensed at the idea of having to defend his title inside the barbaric chamber. However, Shane-O-Mac reminded him that after his clash with John Cena at Royal Rumble, he may not even be champion any longer.

Shane and Styles’ bickering brought out both Styles’ Royal Rumble opponent Cena and The Miz, which was proceeded by a ton of jaw-jacking that ultimately saw Styles and Miz getting into a war of words that was egged on by The Cenation Leader. The Commissioner was so inspired by their tiff that he made a Styles vs. Miz match … and it was next!

With John Cena sitting on commentary, WWE Champion AJ Styles and The Miz battled in an impromptu match. The two jockeyed for position until the action spilled to the outside, where Styles could not help but take a swipe at the unsuspecting Cena.

This led to bedlam between Cena and Styles as Styles attempted to throw Miz into Cena, however The Cenation Leader was hip to the jive and not only blocked the attack, but ultimately gave an AA to both Miz and The Phenomenal One for good measure. Cena raised Styles’ championship before taking off with confidence.

Video: John Cena Squats Al Roker On “The Today Show”
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Video: John Cena Squats Al Roker On “The Today Show”